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Debutante’s Dilemma – Elyse Mady

Debutante’s Delimma
By Elyse Mady
Available Now

One woman in search of passion
Miss Cecilia Hastings has achieved what every young lady hopes for during her first London season…in duplicate! She’s caught the eye of not one but two of England’s most eligible bachelors. Both Jeremy Battersley, Earl of Henley, and Richard Huxley, Duke of Wexford are handsome, wealthy and kind, the epitome of proper gentlemen. But Cecelia doesn’t want proper, she wants passion. So she issues a challenge to her suitors: a kiss, so that she may choose between them.

Two men in love with the same woman
Friends since childhood, and compatriots on the battlefields of Spain, falling for the same woman has set Jeremy and Richard at odds, and risks destroying their friendship forever. But a surprising invitation to a late-night garden tryst soon sets them on a course that neither of them could have anticipated. And these gentlemen quickly discover that love can take many forms…

This Blonde’s Review:
Cecilia has done what every other girl has wanted. She has managed to catch an Earl and a Duke. Jeremy and Richard have been friends forever and have attempted to not let their love ruin their friendship, yet they know when she makes her choice it will change things between them. Since Jeremy and Richard are both honorable men they have been wooing Cecilia the honorable way, but that isn’t what she wants. Cecilia wants passion. So she challenges them each to a kiss to see which man she has passion with.

In a way that requires the author to suspend belief the virginial Cecilia is soon in the middle of a threesome with both men showing their passion for her. Rather than be intimidated or afraid of something so unconventional she is quick to embrace it and enjoy everything that being with two men can give to her.

Once they realize that they can love and have passion within the three, they still have the dilemma of which man to marry. The author wraps this up in a way that is very unlikely but still leaves room for a potential happy ending if we can ignore the obvious difficulties that would come about, especially in that era. I would have had an easier time with the way this story was put together if one man had a title and the other didn’t, but with two titled men clearly they would both need heirs and couldn’t share her forever.

It was an interesting story and perhaps could have been made better if it had been longer. It was enjoyable but my opinion was rather lukewarm. I don’t regret reading it but I doubt I’d be eager to read it a second time.

If you think the description sounds like something that would appeal to you then be sure to get a copy of the Debutante’s Dilemma, you may find it to be something you want to keep handy to read more than once.


Overdue for Pleasure – Shelley Aikens

Overdue for Pleasure
By Shelley Aikens
Available Now

Mandy is content with her job as a librarian, her longtime boyfriend, Martin, and the lovely home they share. So what if their sex life is vanilla? She’s not the wild type anyway.

But when she wakes up one morning unsatisfied from an erotic dream starring her favorite movie star, Mandy starts to crave sexual adventure in real life. Too bad Martin won’t oblige, because it’s not Tuesday or Friday. Then Mandy finds out what Martin’s been doing the other days of the week or rather, who. And suddenly she needs to prove to herself that she’s not boring in bed.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of smoking-hot men willing to help her on her sensual quest: a nameless library patron who could be Brad Pitt’s twin, a coworker she suddenly sees in a different light, and the neighbor who usually rubs her the wrong way wants to show her he can rub her the oh-so-right way, too! Lucky for Mandy, her lovers are more than willing to share.

This Blonde’s Review:
Mandy is the imagine of the nice girl librarian who settles for what her vanilla boyfriend is willing to give. Until she starts to have erotic dreams that leave her unsatisfied. When she finds out that the vanilla in her boyfriend’s sex life is being saved for her while he spends other days with another woman Mandy is done.  Losing the vanilla in her life leads to Mandy letting her sexual desires free. The title for this one is very fitting since Mandy is definitely a woman who has been overdue for pleasure.

Mandy awakens sexually and starts to experiment much faster than you’d expect from a woman who has led such a vanilla lifestyle for so long. After having so many erotic dreams about Brad Pitt it makes sense that she’d be quicker to succumb to a lookalike who wants to give her no strings pleasure.

I don’t want to give away all of what she does, because it’s hotter to read about it as it happens, but there are many common fantasies thrown into this one story. There are plenty of times when Mandy is uncertain and seems to go along with what the men want, which can be a turn off for some women. I believe that in Mandy’s case the man making the decisions and deciding he wants her was part of the turn on for her and a woman who is interested in dominant males would find the way Mandy does things more erotic than one who prefers equal or dominate footing herself.

Even though many of the fantasy scenarios Mandy finds herself in happen quickly or right after each other I think that Shelley Aikens did a fantastic job of making the book flow and still be erotic instead of too busy. This book is erotic with a little romance instead of romantic erotica. Shelley Aikens is an author I’ll look for if I’m in the mood for something hot in the future.

If you enjoy erotic stories full of dominant men leading a woman through her every fantasy then you’ll love this one.


Whatever You Like – Maureen Smith

Whatever You Like
By Maureen Smith
Available Now


Desire burns deepest after dark…

By day, Lena Morrison is an ambitious grant writer. By night, she’s an escort to some of Chicago’s most successful men. Sex isn’t on the menu—Lena’s job is to provide her elite clients with companionship and sparkling conversation. She enjoys the extra income, but even more, Lena loves the empowering feeling of being appreciated for her beauty and her brains.

When tycoon Roderick Brand hires Lena as his date for a private party, their electric attraction leads to the most erotic night of her life. Incredible as the experience is, she vows not to mix work and pleasure again. But Roderick is relentless. His irresistible proposal: two weeks fulfilling all his fantasies, in exchange for a multimillion-dollar grant that will guarantee Lena a major promotion.

Lena can play that game. She’ll give him the hottest, wildest sex he’s ever had, then she’ll walk away, leaving him aching for more. But when it comes to desire, rules—and hearts— are easily broken. And the best-laid plans have a way of working out in ways neither could expect….

This Blonde’s Review:
I usually expect a book with This Much sex in it to be classified as erotica. It may be on some websites, but on NetGalley it wasn’t, and they’re usually pretty good about that. That is the first thing that comes to mind about this book. SEX with capital letters.

Lena is an escort, and we meet her as she is picking up her client for the night. They feel such instant sexual attraction that she knows it’s going to be trouble and is determined to fight it. Roderick is confident, sexy, rich, and used to getting what he wants. What he Wants, is Lena. Even though she tries to fight it, she breaks the rules of the company she works for As Well as her personal rules and has sex wit him. After giving in she is ashamed and determined not to see him again.

But Roderick is used to getting what he wants and is very determined. He uses manipulation to get her where he wants her, so that she has to give in to him. If we didn’t already know how much Lena wants him I’d have a Strong dislike of Roderick for using the methods he did to force her into what he wanted. But Lena’s strong desire for him And their sparks were enough to make me overlook it.

These two had more sex in a short time than I’ve seen in just about any other book, but there was still a Story involved. Lena takes care of her grandfather’s living expenses and we get to see her family as Characters rather than just background to the story. I really liked Lena’s family and the love they all have for each other.   Zandra is Lena’s boss. I like her because she was also Lena’s friend and Roderick’s childhood friend. Because she cares about both of her friends and had Hoped they’d hit it off, she’s not worried about her Bottom Dollar, she’s more concerned about her friends. I always love characters who recognize that friendship is more important.

We didn’t see the story from Roderick’s point of view, but I would have loved to get his take on a few things. We can see him struggling with certain things, but we don’t really know what’s going on in his head. In spite of the lack of real Connection to him that way, I still really liked him. I liked that he was persistent and went after Lena, but mostly I loved him because Lena did.

I am sure there will be a sequel since Roderick has a Twin, Remy, and he is interested in Zandra. I Know there’s a story there that needs to be told. I would also love to read a story about Lena’s sister, Morgan.

My main complaint is that the description does not match the cover. That is a Big pet peeve of mine. Overall I don’t pay attention to the cover, but when the book mentions Roderick’s uncanny resemblance to Idris Elba, his black skin, and see that the guy on the cover doesn’t look at all similar to Idris… I have to wonder how they didn’t catch that and make sure the cover matched the characters. I don’t really care if they are supposed to be black, white, or green but I would like for them to Match if they’re going to specify what they look like.

Overall, I did enjoy the book (both the story And the steamy sex scenes) and will be looking for Remy and Zandra’s story. This story had Tons of sex but that does not neglect the story line. If you are into sexy books with characters we can like and care about, then you’ll probably enjoy this book.

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Coming Clean – Inez Kelley

Coming Clean
By Inez Kelley
Available Now

Coming clean never felt so good…. 

Grant and Vivi Michaelson share everything in their marriage: love, commitment—and their wildest sexual desires. But their relationship is tested when Vivi admits she wants a threesome with Grant’s old friend Cade, proposing their annual trip to the lake as the perfect opportunity to fulfill her fantasy.

All three of them are aroused by the idea. Vivi and Cade have long felt a smoldering attraction to each other…and Grant and Cade have hidden an illicit desire for decades. Going through with the ménage will test their boundaries, reveal old secrets…and maybe tear them apart. After all, there might be room for Cade in bed, but is there room for a third in their marriage?

This Blonde’s Review:
The description of Coming Clean mentions using the trip to the lake as the time to explore, except they never make it to the lake. This book takes place over the course of a day. They meet to get ready to go to the lake and have their back stories and feelings explained. They make their move in the comfort of home. The first encounter isn’t really anything that I was interested in, but it was still well written. Later when all three of them get together was pretty hot. This book is about one night and their feelings. They build up, hey have sex (hot sex) and then they deal with the emotional fallout for one of them. I have to say, in some ways it just felt too full of Feelings and Doubts compared to what I expected. As for whether there is room in their bed and their marriage, we only have the immediate aftermath of one night to go on.

This book does have some really hot scenes that are worth reading, but expect to have to wade through the doubts and details to get to them.


Texas Tangle – Leah Braemel

Texas Tangle
By Leah Braemel
Available Now

Thanks to her cheating ex-husband and her thieving brother, all horse breeder Nikki Kimball has left is a bruised heart, an over-drawn bank account and an empty home.  When sex-on-legs Dillon Barnett and his brooding foster-brother Brett Anderson start showing more than just neighborly attention, Nikki is intrigued…and a little gun-shy.

Dillon and Brett have a history; back in high school, the two friends fought a bitter battle over Nikki.  Now, ten years later, Brett still longs to be the man in Nikki’s life, but he’s determined to stand back and let Dillon win Nikki’s heart.

Society says Nikki must choose between the two men she loves. Is Nikki strong enough to break all the rules in order to find happiness?

This Blonde’s Review:
First off, how hot is that cover? It definitely caught my eye!

Nikki is a nice woman who seems to have hit all the bad luck in life. An ex-husband who cheated and took everything he could, a brother who took what she had left, and parents who don’t care. She unwittingly hit the jackpot by having two equally good, strong (and Hot by the cover) men fall in love with her. The problem is these men are brothers, even if not by blood. Nikki is unaware of the sexual and emotional tension in the start of the book. We have Dillon who has wanted Nikki since High School and never had a chance til now. He makes his move and is happy with the results. Then we have Brett, who also loves Nikki but chooses not to say anything for love of Dillon. Before long Dillon becomes aware of Brett’s feelings and starts to get an unusual idea.

When things more beyond friendship to Nikki having a relationship with both men and having to make a choice, they present her with a different option. They suggest a threesome. After experiencing that together and finding all three of them happy and satisfied, the idea of all three of them being together permanenty comes up. Nikki is unsure what to think about all of it, but she is worried about how Dillon and Brett’s family would feel, how the town would react, and all of the things you can imagine a woman would concern herself with. The author did a marvelous job writing about these two men working together to ensure Nikki’s happiness and sexual satisfaction. I’m glad that she also made it about the emotional side of things too, and what it takes to make a decision to openly be in a relationship with two men.

If you enjoy a sexual book that makes it more than just sex you will find this book a great read. Especially if you enjoy books with multiple partners or have ever considered a threesome for yourself.