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No One Lives Twice – Julie Moffett

No One Lives Twice
By Julie Moffett
Available Now

I’m Lexi Carmichael, geek extraordinaire. I spend my days stopping computer hackers at the National Security Agency. My nights? Those I spend avoiding my mother and eating cereal for dinner. Even though I work for a top-secret agency, I’ve never been in an exciting car chase, sipped a stirred (not shaken) martini, or shot a poison dart from an umbrella.  

Until today, that is, when two gun-toting thugs popped up in my life and my best friend disappeared. So, I’ve enlisted the help of the Zimmerman twins-the reclusive architects of America’s most sensitive electronic networks-to help me navigate a bewildering maze of leads to find her. Along the way, my path collides with a sexy government agent and a rich, handsome lawyer, both of whom seem to have the hots for me. Hacking, espionage, sexy spy-men-it’s a geek girl’s dream come true. If it weren’t for those gun-toting thugs…

This Blonde’s Review:
I really enjoyed Lexi. She is comfortable with who she is, even if her mother isn’t comfortable with Lexi’s lifestyle. Lexi works for a secret agency as a computer geek. Lexi is on her way to a dinner at her parents’ home when she is accosted by a man wanted an envelope from Lexi’s best friend, Basia. An envelope Lexi knows nothing about. Her day goes downhill from there. First the man on the street. Then her mother surprises her with a blind date at dinner. Then she finds Another man in her apartment wanting the envelope from Lexi. Then she can’t reach her friend to find out what is going on.

Lexi turns to her friends the Zimmerman twins for help, they are expert hackers who decide to get a message to the sexy government agent Slash. Who decides rather than answering the twins directly, he would just show up in her home. The charming Slash seems to be interested in her, which Lexi can’t quite figure out, being the geek girl she is. Then along comes another man who knows more about what is in the envelope everyone is chasing after who is also looking for Basia. Shockingly he seems to be interested in Lexi too.

Now Lexi has to figure out how to figure out what’s in the papers Basia sent to her, save Basia, and figure out if these guys are truly interested or just using her. Lexi has a lot to do and little time to do it. I really enjoyed this story. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ending, since the man who stayed to talk to her after the dust settled still seemed to want something from her. So I wasn’t sure if I was happy with him, since how would we know if he wanted Lexi or what she could do for him. Thankfully Lexi’s story continues in No One To Trust. I’ll be keeping an eye out for when that story is due, since I’d really like to know what Lexi decides!

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