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The Tiptoe Guide To Tracking Fairies – Ammi-Joan Paquette

The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies
By Ammi-Joan Paquette
Available Now

Could a tulip be a good place for hide-and-seek? Could a bitof dandelion fluff be a pillow? They could be, if fairies live nearby. This book invites kids to have a backyard adventure searching for the tell tale signs of fairies who might be residing all around them. Not only can children”search” for fairies in the book’s unique blend of art and photography, but they will also be encouraged to discover the wonder and magic in nature, whether in a backyard or a local park. The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies is a perfect title for summer!

This Blonde’s Review:
When you have a 4 year old daughter who is obsessed with fairies like I do, this type of book seems perfect. And it was. My daughter adored this book. She loved the idea of searching for fairies and thought the pictures in this book were the best things. She insisted on looking through them to see if we missed anything, making the reading of those cute short story take longer than you’d expect. Of course then we had to go search for real fairies in the house and the yard as well.

This is an adorable little book that will give any little girl ideas that she can find fairies too. It’ll even get big brothers interested in helping.

If you have a little girl it is highly likely she’ll enjoy this book too. And you’ll probably enjoy the way this story activates children’s imaginations and leads them to search for fairies. They’ll even find their own fairy tracks in the most amazing ways. The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies will stay with your kids after they read it and lead to adventures they may not have thought of without it. Adorable really is the best word I have for this wonderful little story.


The Boxcar Children – Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children
By Gertrude Chandler Warner
Boxcar Children Book One
Available Now

Even today, Gertrude Chandler Warner’s classic Depression-era story of Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden — four hungry children who transform an abandoned boxcar into a home — fascinates us because, regardless of age, we all long to be on our own. This 60th Anniversary Edition of Warner’s classic sports a bright new cover and many new features but retains L. Kate Deal’s original silhouettes.

This Blonde’s Review:
When I was young I loved this series. I am still not sure if I ever read all of them. When I was given the chance to reread book one in this beloved series I had to see if they were as great as I remember.

Clearly, they’re not as fabulous to a 20something as they were to a single digit child. But they’re classics for a reason, because children love them. Children should love them too. They are written simply, which is wonderful for a new reader. They’re a little too advanced for my son to read but he did attempt to and enjoyed the story with us reading it together. When I told my children there were a lot more books about the boxcar children they were excited to get to hear more about them.

If you never read these as a child you are unlikely to have the same joy in reading them as those of us who did enjoy them. If you read it looking to love it as an adult you are also unlikely to love it. But when you read this book with a child or with a child’s heart you can see the magic. The Boxcar Children is a series that most new readers will enjoy. I’ve already ordered the series for my children and I look forward to sharing that with them.


The Kissing Hand & A Pocket Full of Kisses – Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand
By Audrey Penn
Available Now

School is starting in the forest, but Chester Raccoon does not want to go. To help ease Chester’s fears, Mrs. Raccoon shares a family secret called The Kissing Hand to give him the reassurance of her love any time his world feels a little scary.

A Pocket Full of Kisses
By Audrey Penn
Available Now

In this tender sequel to the New York Times bestseller and children’s classic The Kissing Hand,Audrey Penn provides parents with another tale of love and reassurance to share with their children. Chester Raccoon has a baby brother-and the baby brother is taking over his territory. When Chester sees his mother give his baby brother a Kissing Hand-his Kissing Hand-he is overcome with sadness, but Mrs. Raccoon soothes his fears with her own special brand of wisdom, finding just the right way to let Chester know he is deeply loved.


This Blonde’s Review:
These books are Great if you have children. The Kissing Hand was a wonderful book for my son’s first day of preschool a few years ago. Of course when I saw I could get a copy for review I wanted to read it to my daughter for school as well as see what my son thinks of it now. They loved it and wanted me to read it again. It was a great book to help children through first days of school or visits away from home.

A Pocket Full of Kisses is the second book and it was new to all of us. This book deals with the addition of a new family member. Chester is jealous of his baby brother and worries his mother won’t love him as much as she did. This book was a wonderful way to show kids that you can love them all just as much.

These stories are short, adorable, and my children loved them. They enjoyed looking at he pictures and wanted to have their own kissing hands after they read them. If you have children I would definitely recommend these books for you.


Kylie Jean Series – Marci Peschke

Kylie Jean Series
By Marci Peschke
Available Now

From blueberries to beauty pageants, third grader Kylie Jean wants to be the queen of everything! But in her quest to be the best, this young southern belle learns a few lessons of her own. Mischievous, delightful and fun, this series will be at the top of every young girl’s list


Drama Queen
Kylie Jean’s class is performing Alice in Wonderland! Kylie Jean knows she’d be just perfect as the Queen of Hearts. But mean girl Paula wants the part too . . . .




Rodeo Queen
When the rodeo comes to town, Kylie Jean decides she wants to be the Rodeo Queen! But to do that, she must learn rodeo tricks.




Blueberry Queen
It’s time for the annual Blueberry Festival, and Kylie Jean just knows she’d be the perfect Blueberry Queen.




This Blonde’s Review:
I had reviewed a Kylie Jean story before when I reviewed Hoop Queen. I decided to review the rest of the series in the same post since I had similar things to say about all of them.

These are all wonderful stories. Definitely longer than you’d assume looking at the cover and the description. These are better for young girls who have learned how to read but still need a simple story to read.

My daughter is too young to read yet, but she enjoyed these stories enough to want me to read them straight though and to read multiple times.

Each story shows how being kind and thoughtful will get a girl further than being pushy. Kylie Jean is a great example to girls who are struggling with whether to be kind or go with the crowd. They’re great stories for even smaller girls too if you’re willing to read them. They can be a little long for bedtime reading, but they’re still great even for a 4 year old.


Thank You God For Mommy & Thank You God For Daddy – Amy Parker

Thank You God For Mommy
By Amy Parker
Available Now

Mommies do so much for us!
It’s time to thank God for the blessing they are.

In this adorable board book,
a little panda thanks God for his wonderful mommy-a mommy who gives hugs and cuddles,
who takes great care of him, and most importantly, who offers love and guidance for her precious panda cub.

Thank You, God, for Mommy,
And lullabies so sweet-
The beating of her great, big heart
Sings me right to sleep.

The love and sacrifices of mothers everywhere will be celebrated by mother and child as they snuggle up together and say Thank You, God, for Mommy.

Thank You God For Daddy
By Amy Parker
Available Now

Daddies do so much for us! It’s time to thank God for the blessing they are.

In this adorable board book, a little lion cub thanks God for his wonderful daddy—a daddy who gives big hugs and piggy back rides, who takes great care of him, and most importantly, who offers love, guidance, and encouragement.

Thank You, God, for Daddy;
He scares monsters away.
When Daddy says, “Don’t be afraid,”
I know that it’s okay.

The love and sacrifices of fathers will be celebrated by children everywhere each time they snuggle up to read Thank You, God, for Daddy.

This Blonde’s Review:
Since both of these books are by Amy Parker and will receive similar reviews I decided to review them together.

These books are children’s stories celebrating the love of Mommies and Daddies.  They were adorable stories that my children loved. They celebrate dads with talk of fixing things and mom with their healing kisses. The stories do talk about the stereotypical roles of moms or dads, but since many parents do fit those roles most children will see that as being Just Like their mommy or daddy.

Both stories are illustrated by Frank Endersby and are adorable. My children loved the pictures in the books and using  Lions and Pandas were excellent choices. They are cute and detailed without being too busy.

If you like stories that talk of prayer and thanking God for the people you love then these are excellent choices to share with your children.


Hoop Queen – Marci Peschke

Hoop Queen
By Marci Peschke
Kylie Jean Series
Available January 2011

Everyone in my family loves basketball, but I’m no good at it. Even once I’m on the team, I have a hard time dribbling and shooting baskets. How will I ever win the Free Throw Tournament and become the Little Dribble Queen? I know I can shoot my way to the top and earn that crown. Just you wait and see!

This Blonde’s Review:
Kylie Jean is a little girl from Texas who dreams of being a beauty queen. When she finds out that Little Dribblers, a kids basketball league, has Little Dribbler Queen she will do what she can to earn that crown and be a Queen.

Looking at the cover and reading the description you may think it’s a short picture book, but that’s not quite true. At 112 pages it is a good book for girls who are reading on their own comfortably.

I read this to my 4 year old daughter in sections since she was so eager to hear it when she saw the cover. Reading in sections was new for her, but she still loved the book and remembered where we stopped after breaks. It kept her attention until I got tired of reading out loud and needed a break. Even though it is not a full picture book, it did have illustrations on most pages that were cute and fun.

My daughter loved it. My son sat in for a few sessions and he enjoyed it as well. Looks like I’ll be reading out loud a lot more than usual as we read the other books in the Kylie Jean Series.

This would be a great choice for a girly young reader.

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Bless This Mouse – Lois Lowry

Bless This Mouse
By Lois Lowry
Available March 2011

A resilient and quirky colony of church mice fears another Great X more than they fear cats. Under Mouse Mistress Hildegarde’s leadership, they save themselves from one danger after another—sometimes just by the skin of their tails! Can one ultimate act of bravery during the feast day of St. Francis get Father Murphy to bless these mice and keep them safe forever?

This Blonde’s Review:
This was such a cute story. My youngest didn’t appreciate the length, but my 6 year old enjoyed listening to me read this to him, and looknig at the cute little pictures of the different mice that were on some of the pages. It’s not a young children’s book, but it’s not a YA book. With 164 pages and a few drawings, it fits for the child that reads well but isn’t interested in the YA type books yet.

Hildegarde is the Mouse Mistress and in charge of the church mice. She runs a tight ship to ensure there is not another Great X (extermination).  When too many mice are seen and an exterminator is called she comes up with a plan to move all of the mice Outdoors, to keep them away while the exterminator is there. Thankfully they have a very smart and experienced mouse who knows about the type of glue traps that were set and explains the dangers to Hildegarde. Then they come up with a Clever plan to keep the mice safe.

In the meantime they are also coming up on the Feast of Saint Francis, when people bring their pets to church to be blessed.  When it rains this is a scary time for the church mice since that means Many Cats are in their church. This year, Hildegarde is tired of every animal except Mice being blessed, and she decides to do something about it.

This was a cute story and reminds me of some of the books I used to love to read when I was younger. I can definitely see this becoming another classic story that we associate with Lois Lowry in years to come. If your child is old enough to read it, or you’re young at heart, do pick up a copy and see for yourself.