Author Feedback

We all love to hear that someone likes what we did. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I want to do a happy dance any time I hear of an author liking my review of their book. It’s usually one that I can’t stop thinking about and/or loved so it is nice to know that this author who does great things took the time to read what I had to say.

It is unlikely that every author will notice every review, so I wanted to share these links and tweets to acknowledge the ones who take the time to acknowledge me. Because it makes me happy and I want to.

If you notice my review being mentioned by an author please let me know so I can do my little happy dance and link it here too.

Tamara Ireland Stone (and a second tweet) regarding my review of Time Between Us

Karen Healey, regarding my review of When We Wake

Katie McGarry regarding my review of Pushing the Limits

Beck McDowell regarding my review of This Is Not A Drill

Robin Palmer regarding my review of Wicked Jealous


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