What’s Broken Between Us – Alexis Bass

21 Jul

What’s Broken Between Us
By: Alexis Bass
Available December 2015

Alexis Bass’s heartbreakingly beautiful second novel is a tale of love, loss, and learning to forgive.

“Look to the left, look to the right. We’re all going to die. But someone has to do it first. So who’s it going to be?”

Tragedy struck Amanda Tart’s town a year and a half ago when a sophomore girl was killed in a car accident on graduation night. Amanda’s brother, Jonathan, was behind the wheel and too drunk to drive. He’s spent the past year in prison and has cut off all ties. But now Jonathan is coming home. Just as Amanda’s trying to figure out what that means for her family and herself, she’s paired up for a school project with Henry Crane—a former crush, and brother of Jonathan’s ex-girlfriend, who survived the crash with horrible injuries.

Everyone is still incredibly damaged by the events of that night. Can Amanda and Henry finally begin to heal what’s broken and find some peace?

This Blonde’s Review:
Amanda knows that life doesn’t always work the way you think it will. She never thought her brother would responsible for the biggest tragedy to strike their small town in recent memory. Her brother, Jonathan, was too drunk to drive and totaled his car with his girlfriend and another friend in the car. His girlfriend is seriously injured and their friend is killed, and Jonathan is soon to e released from prison. Amanda is walking a tightrope every day attempting to show the right amount of emotion, too much or too little can all create the wrong image or cause more damage.

Henry’s sister was Jonathan’s girlfriend, she is still recovering from her injuries and is determined to get in touch with Jonathan. Henry and Amanda have kept their distance since the accident, despite the romance that was blossoming between them at the time of the accident. In some ways that makes the accident even harder for them to live with, since it causes doubts about what might have been.

Seeing how casual Jonathan was about everything and the way her mother refused to accept what had happened made Amanda’s desire to apologize with her very existence much easier to understand. Henry’s desire to protect his sister and keep her from Jonathan was also understandable. The more the book went on the more we were able to see more about what was going on with Jonathan, the way he seemed bent on destruction until we finally learned some of what happened that night.

Amanda has to make choices about what she really wants for her life. Does she want to live her life for her brother’s mistakes or attempt to move forward with her own life? And is she willing to risk going against what everyone else will think of her to be with the guy she loves, even if everyone else is against it.

I enjoyed this book, we rarely think about what happens to the ones left behind by the person who made the fatal mistake. We usually focus on the family of the victim. Seeing things from Amanda’s side was a refreshingly heartbreaking view. We couldn’t help but hope for a way to let everyone move on to better lives.

If you want to see how the families move on after a tragedy, from the viewpoint of the family of the wrongdoer, then you’ll want to read this one.


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