Those Girls – Lauren Saft

24 Jun

Those Girls
By: Lauren Saft
Available Now

Some girls will always have your back, and some girls can’t help but stab you in it.

Junior year, the suburbs of Philadelphia. Alex, Mollie and Veronica are those girls: they’re the best of friends and the party girls of the school. But how well does everybody know them–and really, how well do they know one another? Alex is secretly in love with the boy next door and has joined a band–without telling anyone. Mollie suffers from a popular (and possibly sociopathic) boyfriend, as well as a serious mean streak. And Veronica just wants to be loved–literally, figuratively, physically….she’s not particular. Will this be the year that bonds them forever….or tears them apart for good? 

This Blonde’s Review:
Some books you keep reading hoping it’ll redeem itself. I hoped these ridiculous, unkind, and shallow girls would have a reckoning thar would bring it all around and I could find something to like. Sadly that was not the case and I found myself disappointed.

We aren’t supposed to love the things these girls represent. They’re supposed to be shallow, make bad choices, & not understand what true friendship is. It’s right there in the first line of the description. We can expect that. This was the kind of book where I loved some of the male secondary characters that we didn’t see enough of much more than I cared for any of our main characters. The girls had issues but anytime they got close to redeeming themselves they stepped back. And the big moment learning moment was diluted and turned into yet another bad choice.

In all honesty I’m rather upset with the way this one turned out. The things they did barely got a slap on the wrist, even from the one who was wronged. And the only one who sees how wrong it is and recognizes the need to take some time is one of the few characters I liked and didn’t need to learn that lesson.

If you want to read this book please know that these are flawed characters, but that these aren’t characters who feel the full brunt of their mistakes. It’s like watching a train wreck and knowing the ones who cause it don’t learn much from their mistakes. Most find that too frustrating to endure, but others like to see what happens anyway. I try hard to find positives but unfortunately my positives were the boys who were essentially collateral damage.

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