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Mayday – Jonathan Friesen

Mayday cover Mayday
By: Jonathan Friesen
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Why’d I do it? I suppose it’s the only question that really matters.

Seventeen-year-old Crow will stop at nothing to protect her younger sister—even if it costs her her own life. But then she’s given a chance to come back and make things right. There are a few catches, though. First, she won’t come back as herself. And before she can set things straight, she’ll have to figure out what’s what—and things aren’t exactly as clear-cut as she remembered.

Powerful and hard-hitting, this is a compelling story about what it means to live your life—for your own sake—from an award-winning author.

This Blonde’s Review:
Sometimes when you start a book you don’t expect to connect with it. Then you realize that maybe you can understand her more than you expected to. Crow will do anything to protect her sister. She will fight any battle against any opponent. We meet her when she is in a coma and as good as dead, we don’t know the details, only that she is dying. Until she is given a chance to go back and make some changes. She can go back in a loaner body to any time to make some changes to her own life. She is supposed to focus on herself, so that her soul won’t turn out to be the damaged thing that they see when she’s in her coma.

Except Crow’s priority has always been her sister. So she continues to make choices based on saving her. But the changes you make can ripple, some of those changes are positive and some of them are not. The author didn’t make a big point of most of the changes, they were things that you noticed as you read but they were clearly there. Because as she made these changes some of them seemed almost like they were things that changed in her memory as well. It was really interesting the way it all tied together.

As someone who was once willing to do whatever I needed to protect someone I cared about I can definitely relate to the idea of Crow. I’m not sure that I was ever capable of going to the lengths she did. I was more likely to stand up and demand someone else believe and help and protect us. But I can definitely see where she was coming from.

One of the things I liked best is something I can’t really share without giving more spoilers than I care to. Adding one new person to the equation can change things so much. It can make the things that happen into something bigger and scarier, which seems worse. Yet the bigger thing may be something that makes someone else notice and do something about it. Or it may make things happen sooner, when you aren’t expecting it, which would give less time for other plans. It is all balanced in life so that in theory you can’t change things too much, but if you do things just right, in theory you could change everything.

If a book about someone who is willing to sacrifice anything for someone she loves, even though she can’t seem to love herself enough to try to save herself, sounds like an interesting book to you then I think you’ll enjoy this one. It was not the usual kind of thing and there were a few parts that I’d have to say were a little weird, had me reading it again to be sure I understood what was going on, but it was worth the read.