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Dead Zone – Robison Wells

Dead Zone
By: Robison Wells
Blackout – Book 2
Available Sept 2014

America is at war—and five teens are caught in the crossfire. 

It began with a virus. Then a series of attacks erupted across the nation. Now the true invasion has begun, and a handful of teenagers with impossible powers are America’s only defense.

Robison Wells blew readers away with his first novel, Variant, which Publishers Weekly called “a chilling and masterful debut” in a starred review. In Dead Zone, he delivers his most nail-bitingly tense read yet—and an electrifying conclusion to a two-book series that’s perfect for fans of The Maze Runner and I Am Number Four.

This Blonde’s Review:
In Dead Zone we get to see more of Jack and Aubrey as they continue trying to figure out the right thing to do. They know that Russia is somehow turning off all of their engines and electronics, making their vehicles and weapons useless. Jack, Aubrey, and the rest of their team will be working together to find what is causing it and how to stop it.

We also get to see some of the viewpoint from the teens who were on the terrorist side, but we see it more for the information than from any hope of connecting with them. Their logic is skewed and it makes me feel bad for them. Except in so many ways it seems that there is no good option. In the middle of a war no one can go home and go back to being a kid again.

In this one everyone had to make some hard choices and not everyone made the right choices. In the middle of a war there are always hard choices, so I like that the author was willing to have the characters make some hard choices that would change them. We didn’t see as much of the plotting from the terrorist side of things this time as last time. We don’t see as much of the view and plotting from the other side as we did in the first book. This one focuses more on how things work within the war effort in the military. We see what is happening with Jack and Aubrey’s training and team, as well as the ways things aren’t going as well as they could.

I still really liked Aubrey and Jack but I don’t feel that we got to know them much better than in the first book. This one was good but it was a lot more like we were racing to a finish line to find out what was happening. It was a good book, but I learned a lot more in the first book and there was a lot more to get through. So overall, I liked the first book better.

If you liked the first book you should definitely read this as well to find out what happens. I enjoyed finding out what happened with them and I know you will too.