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Book of Love – Lynn Weingarten

Book of Love coverBook of Love
By: Lynn Weingarten
Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers – Book 2
Available 31 Dec 2013

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers has given Lucy everything she thought she wanted. Gone is the poor, innocent girl pining away for a guy who didn’t deserve her and in her place is a fierce, fabulous Heartbreaker with glamorous sisters, an unbreakable heart, and access to magic.

The only problem is this: Lucy’s floppy-haired, blues-playing best friend Tristan is in pain. And she’s powerless to help him.

Or is she?

It’s time for the annual Heartbreaker competition — a chance for Lucy and her sisters to win The Book of Love, an ancient tome containing centuries’ worth of Heartbreaker wisdom, and maybe, just maybe, enough magic to fix Tristan’s heart for good.

Lucy will do whatever it takes; if it helps her fix her friend, she knows it’s worth it. At least she thinks she knows.

As Lucy goes deeper into the world of the sisterhood, she learns that even those closest to her have unimaginable secrets, and when it comes to magic, nothing comes without a price . . .

This Blonde’s Review:
I read the first book in this series in 2011 and was not happy with the way it had ended. I wasn’t too fond of the main characters and really enjoyed reading about the guys so was wondering whether I’d find something more to love about them in the followup book. I have to say that I was pretty much stuck in the same boat. I enjoyed the book but didn’t care for the main characters. I spent most of the book wanting to find out more about the secondary characters. We barely saw the ones I enjoyed last book but we did meet some great people in this one that would have been worth knowing.

The concept was great since who doesn’t want the chance to help fix someone they care about or correct their mistakes? But there were so many things that I felt were brushed aside. The competition seemed like it would be a huge thing and take multiple attempts, especially for such a newly complete family of sisters, it was all over relatively quickly. It was a way to bring the book into the picture but not an important part of the storyline. I would have liked to see some difficulties instead of everything flowing freely.

The book still had a decent message regarding what it means to really live and how important it is to let yourself love. I enjoy when a book can show you things like that, but too much happened casually. The huge moment that should have changed everything was followed up with another oh ya and this happened type moment.

If you read the first book you should get your hands on this one so you can wrap up the story. If I remember correctly the other may have had a bit more buildup but it is similar the way it will throw things at you that could have been big but falls a little flat. It is still entertaining but not one I’d highly recommend unless you wanted an easy read. If the story sounds interesting to you you may still enjoy it but do not go in expecting it to blow you away. It is suited for a fun easy read.