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Awaken – Meg Cabot

Awaken coverAwaken
By Meg Cabot
Abandon Trilogy – Book 3
Available Now

Please read the first two books in the series and be sure to catch my review of Underworld, book two. This review may contain spoilers.

Death has her in his clutches. She doesn’t want him to let go.

Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera knew by accepting the love of John Hayden, she’d be forced to live forever in the one place she’s always dreaded most: the Underworld. The sacrifice seemed worth it, though, because it meant she could be with the boy she loves.

But now her happiness — and safety — are threatened, all because the Furies have discovered that John has broken one of their strictest rules: He revived a human soul.

If the balance between life and death isn’t fixed, both the Underworld and Pierce’s home back on earth will be wiped away. But there’s only one way to restore order. Someone has to die.

This Blonde’s Review:
Pierce and John’s relationship is an unusual one but they’re both very dedicated to each other. She’s willing to dive into the world of death to be with him, and he’ll destroy anyone who threatens her. The furies haven’t given up attempting to kill John and soon goes far enough that John is injured. Pierce is still wonderfully flawed, making rash decisions that can put herself and others in danger. John is still intense and intimidating.

I enjoyed watching the way Pierce stands up and does what is needed even knowing that John isn’t here to save her. She refuses to believe that he is gone and instead does what is needed while always believing he will be back. She steps up and tries to help with the underworld, then she goes back home to do what is needed to find the answers. No matter what anyone else thinks, she knows John will be back, she just has to hold it together until he’s back.

We got to see the way the rest of the team stands up to help, even the new friends Pierce makes in the underworld. I really enjoyed the side characters, such as Kayla and Henry. There were a few unexplained questions regarding some of her friends, which leaves room for a novella or two if the author decides to do so. It seems there are a lot of those nowadays so we’ll have to wait and see if Meg Cabot takes us back to this world now that the series is over.

The series as a whole was an interesting concept, getting to see the Hades and Persephone myth with it happening now. I didn’t love that Pierce fell for John so fast and hard considering the short span from the 1st book to the 3rd. There were a few unhealthy relationship issues throughout the series, but overall this is interesting and I still enjoyed it. If you enjoy books that are modern retellings of known stories then you’ll want to give this series a try.

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Time After Time – Tamara Ireland Stone

Time After Time coverTime After Time
By Tamara Ireland Stone
Time Between Us – Book 2
Available Oct 2013

Don’t forget to check out the first book in the series, Time Between Us, and my review.

Calling Anna and Bennett’s romance long distance is an understatement: she’s from 1995 Chicago and he’s a time traveler from 2012 San Francisco. The two of them never should have met, but they did. They fell in love, even though they knew they shouldn’t. And they found a way to stay together, against all odds.
It’s not a perfect arrangement, though, with Bennett unable to stay in the past for more than brief visits, skipping out on big chunks of his present in order to be with Anna in hers. They each are confident that they’ll find a way to make things work…until Bennett witnesses a single event he never should have seen (and certainly never expected to). Will the decisions he makes from that point on cement a future he doesn’t want?

Told from Bennett’s point of view, Time After Time will satisfy readers looking for a fresh, exciting, and beautifully-written love story, both those who are eager to find out what’s next for Time Between Us’s Anna and Bennett and those discovering their story for the first time.

This Blonde’s Review:
I really enjoyed the first book in this series. Anna was fantastic and I was so eager for this book to come out. It’ll be out soon but luckily I managed to get a review copy.

Anna and Bennett are trying to live their lives in two different time zones. Bennett has promised not to go back any longer so he has to sneak around to do it. He claims to have plans to do things that would make him unavailable, such as camping in remote areas, then goes to Anna. He also starts to help others in ways he refused to in the past. Between Anna and helping others he believes his life can be something more. Until he starts to lose control of his time.

I enjoyed the romance of the first book, seeing things through Anna’s point of view and seeing her strength made me care for Anna and Bennett. In this book I got to know Bennett better by seeing what was happening through his eyes. As hard as it was for Anna to not know what was going on, imagine how much harder it has to be for Bennett trying to live a double life.

At first I didn’t think I liked this one as much as the other, but Bennett’s story was needed to really show us the true strength of the story. When you can’t see a happy ending in sight, what do you do? With Bennett we don’t see the happy ending, but I enjoyed watching him figure out what the best path for him to take would be.

If you enjoyed the first book in this series you have to read this one. It doesn’t have the same magic and romance, but this isn’t about the first blush of love. This book is about the difficulties that can happen when life doesn’t line up the way you want it to. If you want to see what real love is about, difficulties and all, then you’ll get a great story out of this book.

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Vacation to end!

Thanks to life and internet and etc etc my blog has been on an unwanted vacation. Now that I have my internet service back up, a working computer, and time I will be getting back in the swing of things!

I have high hopes for the blog next year, hopefully with giveaways and author interviews. First to get back in the habit of getting reviews out regularly! Please feel free to get involved and leave feedback, let me know which books you’d like to see reviewed or given away. I read because I love it. I’ll share my thoughts and giveaways in hopes of helping you, so let me know what you think!

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