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Flawed – Kate Avelynn

Flawed coverFlawed
By Kate Avelynn
Available 22 January 2013

Sarah O’Brien is alive because of the pact she and her brother made twelve years ago — James will protect her from their violent father if she promises to never leave him. For years, she’s watched James destroy his life to save hers. If all he asks for in return is her affection, she’ll give it freely.

Until, with a tiny kiss and a broken mind, he asks for more than she can give.

Sam Donavon has been James’ best friend — and the boy Sarah’s had a crush on — for as long as she can remember. As their forbidden relationship deepens, Sarah knows she’s in trouble. Quiet, serious Sam has decided he’s going to save her. Neither of them realizes James is far more unstable than her father ever was, or that he’s not about to let Sarah forget her half of the pact…

This Blonde’s Review:
Flawed is so easy to get caught up in. We don’t want to see what’s coming, but can’t put the book down because we have to know.

Sarah lives her life on the edges trying to stay under the radar. Her father is a violent drunk so she spends most of her time trying to stay out of his way and not set him off. Her brother is the only bright spot in her life, he’s the one who will do anything to save her. The least she can do is always be there for him. Even if that means staying away from Sam, his best friend and her crush. When Sam starts to show interest in her and Sarah starts to step out of the shadows things start to change. When James goes too far and tries to take her relationship to a new and forbidden level.

When tragedy strikes everything changes. As the men in Sarah’s life race towards confrontations that will change Sarah’s life forever we can only hope there won’t be any more tragedies.

I really liked this book! I got caught up in it and hated having to put it down. I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty but I had to know. We see what is inside a family that is dysfunctional in as many was as can be. This book could be difficult for some since it includes alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and other forms of emotional manipulation. Sarah’s life is a wreck and we can’t help but watch and hope that Sam will help her escape all of it instead of pushing towards more trouble. Sarah is stronger than she realizes and the men in her life will test her beyond what she should ever have to endure.

Sarah’s strength is the best part of this book. If you enjoy watching a character discover how strong she really is then you’ll want to read this story. It might break your heart a bit, but you’ll be glad you read it.

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