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A Fractured Light – Jocelyn Davies

A Fractured Light coverA Fractured Light
By Jocelyn Davies
A Beautiful Dark – Book 2

There are spoilers in this description and review! Have you read the first book in this series? I also wrote a review of A Beautiful Dark.

When she wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, Skye knows something terrible has happened to her. It’s not until she hears Asher, the dark, rebellious angel she fell in love with, that the memories come flooding back. She tries to put the past behind her, but she knows she’ll be forever haunted by the ruthless betrayal that almost took her life.

Skye returns home, but with the knowledge of who she really is, nothing can ever be the same. As she tests the limits of her newfound powers, Skye discovers that she’s capable of far more than anyone could have imagined. Both the Order and the Rebellion want her for their side as war between the factions looms. She can’t forget the terrifying truth she now knows about the Order, but something holds her back from embracing the Rebellion.

This Blonde’s Review:
If you’ve read the first book in this series then you’re already familiar with Skye’s story and you know what happened between her and the boys that both claimed to love her. She could have joined the Order or the Rebellion, but has trouble doing either. When the two sides are heading for war she knows she needs to choose, but she still has trouble doing so.

While she recovered from the injuries she sustained at the end of the first book Skye found herself in a secluded cabin. The things she learns there open her eyes to many things. There are also more questions she doesn’t know the answer to. When she goes home things have changed. This is something she clearly should have expected, but the changes in her friends made it seem like she’d been gone longer.

With everyone treating her differently without her secret even being out yet, she has to do her best to understand where they’re coming from. She can’t tell them everything with consequences so she can only hope for the best. The sudden influx of the Order and Rebellion in her school make everything even more complicated, since she can’t seem to escape the one being she wishes she’d never have to see again.

Watching Skye this time was a little easier than in the first book, since in this one she isn’t as invovld in a love triangle. She’s still being torn by Asher’s desire for her to join the Rebellion and her inability to commit herself to their cause, but at least this time it’s less about her choosing a boy than about her figuring out what’s in her heart.

When Raven shows up on scene and starts shaking the fragile peace she’s managed to build for herself she knows it can’t get better. When Raven pushes a situation far enough that choices have to be made they’ll all be surprised with the choices of some of our characters. I’m always looking for the twist so I wasn’t entirely shocked by what happened, but it was still a good surprise.

Skye is a much more enjoyable character in this book and I have to wonder how her perceptions of the other characters, including the boys, will change with the choices that are made and the secrets that come out in this one. Luckily for Skye she is surrounded by some fantastic friends who are there for her even in the light of unbelievable things.

If you enjoyed he first book you’re going to want to get your hands on this one. If a battle between two factions of angels with a girl with the powers of both caught in between sounds like your type of book then get your hands on the first book in this series so you’re be ready when this one comes out in October.