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Let the Sky Fall – Shannon Messenger

Let The Sky Fall coverLet the Sky Fall
By Shannon Messenger
Let the Sky Fall – Book 1
Available March 2013

Vane Weston should have died in the category five tornado that killed his parents. Instead, he woke up in a pile of rubble with no memories of his past—except one: a beautiful, dark-haired girl standing in the winds. She’s swept through his dreams ever since, and he clings to the hope that she’s real.

Audra is real, but she isn’t human. She’s a sylph, an air elemental who can walk on the wind, translate its alluring songs, even twist it into a weapon. She’s also a guardian—Vane’s guardian—and has sworn an oath to protect him at all costs.

When a hasty mistake reveals their location to the enemy who murdered both of their families, Audra has just days to help Vane unlock his memories. And as the storm winds gather, they start to realize the greatest danger might not be the warriors coming to destroy them, but the forbidden romance growing between them.

This Blonde’s Review:
He lost his parents as a child and has no memories from before the tornado that took their lives. All he remembers is the face of a girl he doesn’t know, yet he feels he knows her. When Audra shows up in the middle of a date he can’t help but go after her. Life just gets crazier for him after that.

Audra is a sylph, she is part of the air around us and doesn’t require food and water to survive. Food and water are from the earth and will bind her to the earth, something she wants to avoid. She is Vane’s guardian and has been hoping for his breakthrough. When something happens to bring them to the attention of the people who murdered their parents she realizes it’s time to force the issue.

Vane’s discovery that he isn’t quite human isn’t seamless. In his mind he’s a typical lazy teenage boy, so he has a little trouble keeping up with Audra, but he gets used to the idea a lot faster than most would. But he has powerful motivation in knowing that if he doesn’t succeed that Audra will die.

The storm is coming and they’re doing their best to survive the war that’s starting. They’re also trying to fight their feelings for each other. Audra avoids it because she remembers their past and knows the future that has been planned for Vane. Vane only avoids it because it’s clear that Audra wants him to and he won’t make her uncomfortable.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this one when I started it. I started it and almost put it aside a few times with the business of life. I stuck it out and was quickly sucked up in the story.

Audra and Vane’s pasts have shaped their lives and have a bigger impact on their lives than they realize. Audra lives with guilt over what happened thanks to her memories and the blame that has been placed in her lap by her mother, who survived the tornado. Vane lives with the guilt of not remembering his parents, wondering what type of person would forget those who care about them.

I really enjoyed Audra and Vane! They were both such great characters while they were so different. I felt bad for Audra but loved her and enjoyed getting to know her. She’s damaged and strong and cares more than she likes to admit. Vane has the kind of heart and dedication that makes him loving and loyal, even in the face of the hardest circumstances. He’s not at all a bad boy, he’s a great guy with a good heart.

The end of this one gave us a rather open ended feel where I could see if continuing into a second book, but I could also see it ending there and leaving us with the idea of where it could go next. I was happy when I thought it was a stand alone book, but now that I know it’s part of a series I’m already impatient to find out where they got next. I love the way Vane wrapped his part of things up, and I also really loved that it wasn’t the typical ending you’d expect.

If you enjoy the idea of people who have more of a connection to the air than the earth who are the kind of characters you can care about, then you’ll love Vane and Audra’s story.