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Speechless – Hannah Harrington

Speechless coverSpeechless
By Hannah Harrington
Available 28 August 2012

The story of a girl named Chelsea Knot who takes a voluntary oath of silence after her gossip-mongering ways yield unexpected consequencesโ€ฆ

Saying sheโ€™s sorry isnโ€™t enough.

This Blonde’s Review:
Most people enjoy gossip but have their limits but Chelsea doesn’t stop when she should. She’s known a a girl who loves to gossip and can’t keep her mouth shut. Her friends are the most popular kids in school and she is accepted everywhere. Until the night she tells a secret to the wrong people and someone ends up in the hospital. Chelsea recognizes where she went wrong but takes it even further. If her gossiping can cause such problems then she’ll just stop talking entirely.

Chelsea’s friends turn against her and her vow of silence has everyone else thinking she’s some sort of freak. Most of her teachers aren’t supportive either and Chelsea finds herself in detention for refusing to participate in class. In detention Chelsea meets a girl she never noticed before, someone smart and genuinely kind. Soon she finds herself with a new friend and hanging out with a group of people she never expected to enjoy spending time with. Even stranger is that those people are the ones she thinks should hate her the most.

Getting through the day without being bullied becomes a challenge for Chelsea and her new friends are exactly what she needs to start to see the world clearer. She even finds a guy who can care about her, even with her vow of silence. The longer she stays silent the harder those first words are. Chelsea doesn’t know what she’s waiting for so how can she know when to start talking?

I loved that Chelsea isn’t a character I can love at first but she’s one I can care about. She was a shallow gossip but she was willing to do the right thing. As she gains perspective we are able to learn right alongside her. Chelsea learns that there can be more to people than she expected. We start learn that there is more to Chelsea than she knew as well. I had an idea of what would motivate Chelsea to speak and I’m happy to say it wasn’t the obvious choice. I actually loved the friends she made more than I loved Chelsea, but I did enjoy watching her grow. The guilt and self-imposed silence helped make Chelsea into the kind of character I didn’t want to say goodbye to.

If a girl taking a vow of silence and learning how to thrive in that silence sounds like a good story to you then I think you’ll love this one.