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A Want So Wicked – Suzanne Young

A Want So Wicked
By Suzanne Young
A Need So Beautiful – Book 2
Available 26 June 2012

Elise is a normal seventeen-year-old girl until the day she wakes up in a desert park, with no idea who she is.

After that episode, her life takes a bizarre turn. She’s experiencing unexpected flashes of insight into people’s lives—people she’s never met before. Strangers frighten her with warnings about the approaching Shadows. And although Elise has never had a boyfriend, she suddenly finds herself torn between two handsome but very different young men: Abe, the charming bad boy whose affect on her both seduces and frightens her, and the mysterious Harlin, who’s new to town but with whom Elise feels an urgent, elemental connection—almost as if they are soul mates.

Now Elise begins to question everything about her life. Why do these guys both want her so desperately? What are the Shadows? Why does the name Charlotte inspire a terrifying familiarity? And who is Elise, really?

This Blonde’s Review:
Elise doesn’t know what her life is becoming. She has insight she doesn’t understand into the lives of strangers. She is given warnings about unknown Shadows. She finds herself torn between her attraction for two guys who couldn’t be more different. Plus her sister is changing and pulling away.

Abe is charming and a ladies man. With all of the girls who work for his attention she can’t believe he’d work so hard to get her attention. The more he works for it, the stranger it feels to her. Harlin is quiet, intriguing, and makes her want to know him.

There is a battle going on that Elise has no knowledge of, and she’s right in the middle. Elise doesn’t know what she’s capable of, but luckily for her no one realizes that she’s more than they believe. Lucky for Elise, she’s a fighter and not in a hurry to give up.

I love that the author didn’t spell everything out for us. Elise didn’t have all the answers and we only found them by paying attention to the clues. There were several things that were obvious from early in the story and others that were only clear in hindsight. I enjoy having a mixture of both in the story, then nothing feels too out of left field but the story isn’t boring either.

If you enjoyed the first book I know you’ll want to read Elise’s story and see how Harlin fits in. If you haven’t read A Need So Beautiful then you’ll want to pick that one up to get caught up on Charlotte’s story. Plus, seeing him in the first book will make you adore him in book two.

If a paranormal story about a girl who can decide a battle between light and dark seems like something you’ll enjoy then get your hands on this series as soon as you can. That’s Today for A Need So Beautiful and in June for A Want So Wicked.
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