The Marked – Inara Scott

23 Feb

The Marked
By Inara Scott
Delcroix Academy – Book 2
Available April 2012

There will be spoilers in this review, do not read if you haven’t read The Candidate.

All of her life, Dancia Lewis has wanted to use her powers for good. And now that she’s learned the truth about Delcroix Academy—and herself—she may just get the chance. But being part of Delcroix’s top secret Program isn’t anything like Dancia expected. She has to ask herself: what happens to the Talented kids who refuse to pledge their loyalty to the Program? And why did her friend Jack run away rather than join? Dancia’s adorable boyfriend Cam insists they need the help of every Talented student to defend Delcroix from dangerous enemies outside their gates. But Dancia has to wonder: what if Delcroix’s most frightening enemies come from within?

This Blonde’s Review:
Despite her uncertainty Dancia takes the oath and joins the program. She isn’t sure about the Program but she is sure about Cam. She hopes that after she takes the oath there will be no more secrets and no more uncertainty. She wants to learn how to use her powers to help, not to cause problems.

Life in the Program isn’t any easier for Dancia. Instead of being welcomed in as part of a family she finds more secrets. She has the added complication of not being allowed to tell her best friends anything that is going on. As the lies add up they can easily become a wall that could separate her from her friends if she isn’t careful.

Cam’s friends still don’t trust her, so instead of being welcomed she is treated with suspicion. Her past friendship with Jack and his connection to their current problems don’t help her case. Luckily her relationship with Cam doesn’t depend on his friends’ opinions and they are going strong. Mostly. He still won’t tell her everything and gets upset if she questions the program. When he finds out something about Dancia’s past it may be too much for them.

When Jack shows up and starts trying to change her mind about the Program she finds herself torn. Does she believe that the Program is what she was told or should she believe her friend? As she searches for the truth she will learn things about the people around her she never would have guessed.

I enjoy how real Dancia seems. She has her beliefs and suspicions, but she’s not perfect and allows her feelings for the people in her life to sway her. Luckily she is a strong enough person that she can’t get too far from herself even if she wants to. Cam is a little trickier. I want to like him, because Dancia does and he’s written like a character we should like. But he’s too clean for my taste. He’s a good guy who follows the rules. Sure, he broke the rules with Dancia but that seemed more fluke than a willingness to fight for what he believes. Luckily the author gives me hope that he’s a character I will have a lot more interest in when we see him in the third book.

There are parts of the story that are predictable, but the author doesn’t write those sections like they’re supposed to be secrets from the reader. Dancia is trying to put together a puzzle and asking questions that others never voiced. It’s harder to piece it together if you don’t have all of the pieces, but how can she ask the questions when no one wants to let her in? Watching her try to put it together while juggling the people around her and her training classes make Dancia seem real.

In the end, Dancia has to make some hard decisions. It’s all about whether or not she trusts the people in the Program and if she trusts herself. I won’t tell you who she decides to trust, but I really loved the realizations she came to. It felt perfect to me. It sets us up for a potentially great third book. I can’t wait to see if any of it plays out the way I hope it does.

If you enjoyed the first book you will want to continue reading Dancia’s story. We get to know her better in this one and we can feel closer to other side characters as well, such as Dancia’s amusing grandmother. The author didn’t stop with character building in the first book. I won’t spoil any more for you, I’ll let you find out for yourself.

If you enjoy reading about a girl trying to decide what is right for her and who to trust you’ll enjoy reading about Dancia. If reading about supernatural powers is something you love then Delcroix is the perfect place for you filled with students who can give you exactly what you’re looking for. The only problem is knowing who to trust.


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