How To Wed A Baron – Kasey Michaels

03 May

How To Wed A Baron
By Kasey Michaels
Daughtry Family Book 5
Available Now


He is but a pawn in someone else’s game. With no choice but to do the prince regent’s bidding, Justin Wilde must marry—marry!—a woman not of his own choosing. And for the man notoriously referred to as the Bad Baron, marriage is the last thing he wishes to consider. Especially when the bride has the beauty of an angel but the devil’s own temper….

Stunned to find herself married to a stranger, Alina vows to uncover the reason behind their forced union. Yet the more time she spends with her roguish husband, the less the past seems to matter. But when the truth behind their wedding at last emerges, will it strengthen their fragile bond—or shatter their lives forever?

This Blonde’s Review:

This story was somewhat hard for me to get into at first. It may have been different if I had read the others in the series and was familiar with Justin already, but it was a slow start for me.

Justin is not all he seems. He acts like he’s this perfect dandy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks and needs to look perfect at all times. Someone who couldn’t be bothered to put himself out for anything. When he was actually an assassin for the crown during the war after he was exiled to the continent after killing a man in a duel. The Prince finally allowed Justin to go home to England for a price. The final payment of that debt was to marry a woman Justin has never seen.

Alina believes she is being sent to marry Justin to strengthen political ties. Really, she is being sent so Justin can protect her from the man she doesn’t know is trying to kill her. Really, it’s to get the whole conflict away from Austria and into England where it won’t complicate life for the Austrian King.

I liked Alina at first, since she had spirit and was more innocent than most romance leading ladies are. But then she became too enamored of Justin and was too easy to forgive him and go blindly along like she had no spirit. There were things I liked about her and things I didn’t. I liked that she was able to jump in and enjoy her time incognito.

Overall, I liked the story. But it wasn’t a great winner for me. I did love the cover and love the covers for the whole series, I had actually been wanting to read one of these titles for a while from the covers alone but it hadn’t worked out til now.

I believe I’ll go back and read the rest of the series before I cement my feelings for this book in my mind. I really loved the characters from prior books that made appearances and would love to know their stories.

This story is a historical romance with quite a bit of intrigue, some amusing side characters, and a hero who has a lot of guilt to work through. If that sounds like a story for you then you should pick this one up and let me know what you think.

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