Once Upon a Scandal – Delilah Marvelle

05 Feb

Once Upon A Scandal
By Delilah Marvelle
Scandal – Book 2
Available Now

Lady Victoria Jane Emerson left behind her girlish notions of romance when Jonathan deserted her without a backward glance. Now the time has come when she must finally choose a husband, and she has vowed to marry someone who will never break her heart.

Jonathan Pierce Thatcher, Viscount Remington, has returned home, free of all his family’s debts. Only to discover that by some miracle he has been chosen to vie for the hand of his beloved Victoria. To convince his only love to once again believe in the magic of love and the promise of desire will be his greatest challenge yet. And one he cannot fail!

This Blonde’s Review:
Victoria was an unusual girl, who didn’t have the romantic notions of love that other girls her age had, but she was hopeful. Something about Jonathan made her believe that love might be possible and she agreed to write to him while he was in Venice. She had high hopes for his return until he suddenly told her he wouldn’t be returning when planned and stopped responding to her. Jonathan’s betrayal of her led her to become a bitter and cynical woman who refused to believe in love.

When Jonathan returns years later hoping to win her hand, Victoria refuses to consider him. As far as she is concerned he is the last man she’s willing to consider. Jonathan has secrets he never wanted to share with Victoria but still loves her the way he always had and is determined to win her love.

When Victoria finds out that her dying father has placed stipulations that she is required to marry one of three men before his death, she is not happy to discover that Jonathan is one of the men in line. Jonathan intends to use that to his benefit and do whatever he has to in order to make Victoria his.

I don’t want to give Jonathan’s secret away, but let me say it is a good one. I Love that Delilah Marvelle has once again used an unusual sexual topic in her story. Usually sexual hangups in romance stories are on the women with the man being patient and helping them through it. In this series so far it has been the men who have sexual baggage to overcome.

Delilah Marvelle is fast becoming an author I would not hesitate to buy even if I don’t have a chance to do more except see her name on the cover. I’m impatient for the third book in this series and can’t wait to see how she continues this pattern she’s on with this series. I already know it’ll be a great book.

If you enjoy reading about a man determined to win his the love of the woman he holds above all others you’ll enjoy reading Jonathan & Victoria’s story. If reading a book that uses a classic theme in a different way by placing the man in the role that carries the sexual baggage then you should definitely pick this one up soon.

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