Impulse – Candace Camp

20 Jan

By Candace Camp
Available Now (Re-released)

Torn from the arms of the woman he loved and cast into the night by her highborn family, Cam Monroe vowed revenge on those who had wronged him.

Fifteen years later, after amassing a small fortune of his own, Cam returns to England with but one ambition. Now the power is his, power to ruin the Stanhope family if they refuse his demands. And what he demands is simple: that Angela Stanhope be his wife.

Then the mysterious “accidents” begin. Are the Stanhopes trying once again to remove him from their lives? Or is it someone from Cam’s past, someone desperate enough to kill to prevent him from uncovering a shocking lie?

This Blonde’s Review:
I love Candace Camp. I owned all of her books, including this one years ago until a well-meaning family member loaned them out and forgot who they were loaned to. When I saw that Impulse was being re-released I had to get a copy for review, already knowing I’d still love it.

Cam was a stable boy, Angela was the highborn daughter of the man he worked for. A relationship between them was doomed from the start, yet they loved anyway. When they are caught together by Angela’s grandfather, brother, and the man they want her to marry she is locked in her room and Cam is sent away. With a threat hanging over her head Angela consents to marry. Cam can not forgive her.

We fast forward almost 15 years to find Cam and Angela vastly changed. Angela has escaped her terrible marriage and is no longer the shining girl she once was. Cam is hardened, a rich and powerful man out to get what he wants through any means. When he demands Angela as his wife she declines. When he puts pressure on her family to force the issue she gives in reluctantly. They have to fight their way into learning how to be together.

Of course it can’t be as easy as fighting each other, there is someone else making matters worse by trying to kill Cam. So they set out to discover why. The reason has the potential to change everything, except their feelings for each other.

If you enjoy books about love reunited that include a mysterious villain you’ll want to read this one. You’ll find yourself becoming a Candace Camp fan as well.

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Posted by on January 20, 2011 in Book Review, NetGalley, Romance


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