Midnight Kiss – Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear, Victoria Dahl

04 Jan

Midnight Kiss
By Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear, & Victoria Dahl
Anthology – Includes book 12 of Carr’s Virgin River Series
Available Now



At the inaugural New Year’s Eve party at Jack’s Bar, two lonely revelers decide the best balm for their broken hearts might just be each other.


When a flinty lawyer with a bad-boy addiction meets the quintessential nice guy, sparks fly that consume their expectations of life and love.


Working over the holidays on a messy bank takeover is made worse for two federal specialists by an ill-advised kiss that will never happen again … right?

This Blonde’s Review:
Midnight Kiss is an easy story to pick up when it’s filled with great authors like Carr, Brashear, and Dahl.

In Robyn Carr’s story we meet Sunny and Drew, two characters who’ve been burned in the past. They’re both visiting and are the only single people in the bar and find themselves in conversation. Drew is immediately drawn to Sunny and wants to see what could happen. Sunny is still hurting and wants nothing to do with love and relationships. When they find themselves stuck together alone they have to decide if they want to take a risk together or not.

Jean Brashear gives us a twist on a typical story. In this one we have Jordan, who is emotionally unavailable and who changes guys as often as she likes. The charming Will is looking for the right woman to settle down with. They’re both looking for something specific for themselves and know that the other doesn’t come close to fitting what they think they want in their lives. Luckily, their sparks are strong enough that they have to take a closer look to see if what they think they need is really what’s best for them. They have to figure out if maybe they’re each other’s perfect matches.

Victoria Dahl brings us a story about a second chances. Noah and Elise have a past together that didn’t end well. Their passionate kiss didn’t end in a relationship, it ended with Noah taking the job Elise wanted and them becoming rivals. When they’re put on the same job they find themselves spending time together whether they want to or not. As they work to figure out the problem that brought them to the same bank, they find themselves sharing more than they intended. They have to look at their past and see if things really happened the way they think they did. Noah and Elise have to decide if they want to give themselves another chance or hold on to the mistakes of the past.

I thought all of these stories were adorable. They each offered us a different take on how love gone wrong in the past can make love a difficult choice to make again. Carr, Brashear, and Dahl have all contributed something great to this anthology to make it a great read. I’m not a fan of anthologies usually since I tend to be disappointed by how short they are, but these were all worth the time. I do wish that we were able to get to know all of the characters better that we’ve met here, but I am happy to make do with more from these great authors.

If you enjoy romance stories about giving love a second chance, you’ll love reading the three stories included in this great anthology.

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