Taken By Desire – Lavinia Kent

15 Dec

Taken By Desire
By Lavinia Kent
Available Now

Strong and independent, she dreams of him in secret.

Fierce, yet world-weary, he’s always desired her.

Neither considers marriage an option.

But when a single kiss has unforeseen consequences, and wedding bells follow, they’ll both learn the power of passion. Desire can change everything.

This Blonde’s Review:
Struthers loved Anna before she fell in love with his best friend. After his death and all the years that had passed he finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having Anna believe that he has been having an affair with her sister. To protect others he doesn’t tell her what he was really doing in her room, but they soon find themselves acting as though they are the ones in the affair. When he finds out that Anna is being threatened he offers to marry her to protect her. He isn’t entirely selfless, since he still cares for her.

Anna is a strong woman who manages her fortune on her own; something many men don’t believe she should do. When she finds herself in the position to pretend that Struthers is her lover to protect her sister she accepts it. When she discovers that her cousins are attempted to steal control of her assets so soon agrees to marry Struthers to protect herself. Rather than falling in line with what is expected of her she maintains her own home while Struthers stays in his own.

The newly married couple don’t trust each other since they don’t communicate with each other. As they struggle to make their marriage work for them without spilling their secrets they have to decide what they want most. To keep their lives the way they always were or make a stronger life together.

One of my favorite things about this story was the way Anna taught Struthers about the life many women lived. She didn’t tell him about the power men have over women or how it can be misused. She showed him. I love that Struthers was willing to blindly follow where she led and was willing to accept the lessons that were being shown to him.

I loved Anna and Struthers. I enjoyed seeing them learn to accept each other and figure out how to strengthen each other instead of bring each other down. If you enjoy the idea of two headstrong characters learning to love and trust then you’ll love this story too.

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