Hoop Queen – Marci Peschke

11 Dec

Hoop Queen
By Marci Peschke
Kylie Jean Series
Available January 2011

Everyone in my family loves basketball, but I’m no good at it. Even once I’m on the team, I have a hard time dribbling and shooting baskets. How will I ever win the Free Throw Tournament and become the Little Dribble Queen? I know I can shoot my way to the top and earn that crown. Just you wait and see!

This Blonde’s Review:
Kylie Jean is a little girl from Texas who dreams of being a beauty queen. When she finds out that Little Dribblers, a kids basketball league, has Little Dribbler Queen she will do what she can to earn that crown and be a Queen.

Looking at the cover and reading the description you may think it’s a short picture book, but that’s not quite true. At 112 pages it is a good book for girls who are reading on their own comfortably.

I read this to my 4 year old daughter in sections since she was so eager to hear it when she saw the cover. Reading in sections was new for her, but she still loved the book and remembered where we stopped after breaks. It kept her attention until I got tired of reading out loud and needed a break. Even though it is not a full picture book, it did have illustrations on most pages that were cute and fun.

My daughter loved it. My son sat in for a few sessions and he enjoyed it as well. Looks like I’ll be reading out loud a lot more than usual as we read the other books in the Kylie Jean Series.

This would be a great choice for a girly young reader.

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