Elixir – Hilary Duff

30 Nov

By Hilary Duff
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Clea Raymond lives an extraordinary life. The daughter of renowned surgeon and a prominent Washington DC figure, she has been in the spotlight her entire life. Followed by the paparazzi, she resents the attention that is lavished on her for her looks alone because she has so much more to offer.

Clea Raymond has a unique gift. A proficient photographer, in all her pictures, there is little something extra, and it’s not just a result of her talented eye. There is always an extra photo that she didn’t take. And, as she discovered at a young age, those photos always lead to a place where some tragedy is about to occur that Clea can prevent.

Two years ago, her father disappeared while on a humanitarian mission and presumed dead, but that doesn’t stop Clea and her mother from continuing to do good throughout the world. On one such trip to Columbia, she meets Race, the guide for the trip. She feels a connection to him but cannot explain why. Was it something in their past or possibly in their past lives? Whatever has brought them together is threatening to tear them apart forever. As the mystery of her father’s disappearance unravels, Clea discover that she has powers that are bigger than anything she could have anticipated.

This Blonde’s Review:
Clea is still grieving over her father, even though it has been two years since his death. She doesn’t know what happened to him, so moving on is so much harder for her. She returns from a vacation with her best friend and goes through her pictures when she notices something odd. The same guy is in every picture. Even though they were touring different countries. Even though sometimes… it’s not possible. He’s floating in air.

Some of this doesn’t make sense to me. Sage is not a ghost, yet he is in every picture that Clea is in or has taken. He is always there and no one can see him except in these photos. In some of them he floats in midair. Yet when we meet him we discover he has no idea about the photos because he was never there. I Do understand the other part of the story and how he’s part of her life (I’m trying not to too many spoilers) but the ghost picture thing when he’s been Alive and Not there doesn’t really make sense to me. Especially to have him looking at her and not just doing something random since they’re basically getting a shot of him going about his life as if he’s with her since they’re soul mates or some other random explanation.

Ben is Clea’s boy best friend who has been there forever. He is tangled in Clea’s life in the same way as Sage, but no one knew it. There is a nice little love triangle with Ben, Clea, and Sage. I’m not sure I like how easy it was for her to choose which guy she wanted to be with, but that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. Who knows what’ll happen in book two.

Besides those two things, I really liked this. It was a light read, and very easy to follow. I loved the idea of the Elixir and what it was. I look forward to the 2nd book and hope that they do more to find out about what happened to Clea’s dad, since they did get sidetracked from that rather often.

It’s a light read, and if you’re willing to go without an explanation that makes sense (even for a paranormal story) like with the ghostly not ghost thing… then you’ll probably enjoy this.

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