Southern Plate – Christy Jordan

18 Nov

Southern Plate
By Christy Jordan
Available Now

With thirteen living grandparents at the time of her birth, Christy Jordan grew up in a family that knew how to make a lot from a little and always put a homecooked meal on the table, even when times were tough. She also inherited one heck of a recipe collection from her large Southern family (who have lived in Alabama for the lastΒ nine generations) which gave birth to in 2008. The site has a dedicated fan base, pulling in an average of 3.5 million page views a month, and nearly 6 million in November 2009 alone. In the short time since its inception, the site has grown from 18 million to 43 million page views a year.

Southern Plate: Classic Comfort Food That Makes Everyone Feel Like Family will contain 125-150 family recipes, all time-honored and passed down through several generations of the Jordan family. Recipes will be accompanied by brief stories about where they came from, who made them, and why they are special. Along with gorgeous, four-color photography, the book will include old family photographs and other historical snapshots.

Ultimately, Southern Plate is a book about love, nostalgia for simpler times, and the unpretentious comfort food that came from Christy’s Grandmother’s kitchen and went straight into her heart. You won’t find fancy food or new fangled recipes in this cookbook; just easy, no fuss Southern favorites because at the end of the day most folks want to come home to a meal just like Mama used to make, prepared by someone who loves them.

This Blonde’s Review:
I have a whole cabinet full of cookbooks, my own, my mother’s, and the ones she has collected over the years. I have a few favorites that are loved for different reasons. One is handy with each section offering similar recipes depending on whether you want Classic, low calorie, or a meal for two. Another because it was the first cookbook that was Mine. This one would be one to love because it feels like someone you know is giving you their family recipes.

She includes stories before each section, like an early cooking experience adding corn to her spaghetti sauce and the teasing she still receives. There are little notes before the recipes, like something you’d be saying to your friend as you’re showing her the recipe, especially if she’s not familiar with southern cooking. The recipe I immediately wanted to try was for the Ham, and that was probably the simplest recipe in the whole book with the least ingredients (two) Another was for the Julep. Non-alcoholic, but I have never had one and the ingredients sounded like something my whole family could love.

Some things I know I wouldn’t try, like deviled eggs since we have Our Family Recipe that you know you wouldn’t want to replace, but I still love the inclusion because she adds handy tips at the bottom, like how to tell if an egg is still good. Something I always forget and find myself having to Google or call my mother to ask.

This cookbook is one I’ll be adding to my Christmas list to buy a hard copy of (I received an ebook version from NetGalley for review). The recipes are simple, so they won’t intimidate a cook who is new to the kitchen, but they’re also not oversimplified enough to annoy a seasoned cook. I loved the friendly feel of the cookbook and the little tips that she includes where relevant. I tried a few of the recipes and the ones I tried have turned out great.

If you like Southern Cooking but aren’t sure how to go about making good southern food, this would be a great cookbook to add to your collection. You’ll feel like you’re getting recipes from a friend, and you’ll have some great food to eat at the end of it all.

You can also stop at Christy’s website to check out some of the recipes she has there.

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