You – Charles Benoit

30 Sep

By Charles Benoit
Available Now

It’s easy to forget that we spend our early teens afraid. We’re afraid of fitting in, standing out, or being ignored. We worry that we’ll never get a date, never get into college, and never amount to anything. Just like everyone predicts.

It’s also easy to discount these fears. Looking back, it seems impossible that we would have stayed awake all night worrying about what someone else thought of our clothes or that we ever doubted our abilities, our potential. But that’s only because we know how the story ends.

I wanted to write a book that started with these fears as givens, bottling them in tight and capping them off with that artificial indifference genetically required of all teens. Kyle Chase is not a bad kid. He’s not a good kid, either. He’s a typical kid. He’s any kid. And, at one point in your life, he was you.

This Blonde’s Review:
You is a book that is written entirely in the second person, from the view of Kyle. He’s just an average kid, struggling through high school. I had high hopes for this book since I have heard such great things about it, but I didn’t really love it. You is well written, but something about the writing style just didn’t speak to me. I don’t feel like we were supposed to Connect with Kyle, instead we were just supposed to observe and follow along on his path. I just finished the book a few minutes ago and I do still have a hard time knowing exactly what to say about this book, even without having left time to forget about it. I feel like it was left unfinished in my mind, I wish I knew what happened next with Kyle and with Zack.

While the description says this book is any kid, and it was even Me at one point… it really wasn’t. While I do connect with a kid who is disenchanted with the school system, one who is smart but bored enough to not pass…. I was never Kyle. While I did slack off in school, I did it in an entirely different way. I never just Took so much from people the way he did. I was never so Angry. I never had a uniform I shared with my friends the way he did. I also never worried enough about the opinions of others that I was maneuvered the way Kyle was. I’m sure there are Many many people out there who would connect with Kyle, I was not one of them.  Charles Benoit did a wonderful job of painting how life is for the teenagers who Do feel those things though. There were several times when Kyle would say or think something that I know I and thousands of other teenagers thought about adults or school. If he had allowed himself to be more, Kyle would have been an amusing kid. I can see Kyle ins some of the guys I used to talk to in High School, so I suppose I see myself more like Ashley. Talking about nothing and appearing to have nothing important to say, since this boy never really says anything but seems to Want to be around me.

Charles Benoit writes an interesting story about a normal kid, and the way that life can change unexpectedly. That even if you don’t do anything incredibly different than the people around you, you could still wind up shattered. Just because I didn’t quite connect with Kyle I still recognize that this book was written well for what it is. If you think the description sounds interesting you should check it out. Just be sure not to worry too much about what the reviews say, since they can lead you to expect something more than what it is. It is not a book about Every teen, instead it is a good book about a certain type of teen.


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