A Rogue’s Pleasure – Hope Tarr

24 Sep

A Rogue’s Pleasure
By Hope Tarr
Available Now

Miss Chelsea Bellamy is desperate. Her beloved brother is being held for ransom. Impoverished after the deaths of her parents, Chelsea doesn’t have five shillings, never mind the 500 pounds the kidnappers are demanding. With no one to turn to, she resorts to highway robbery to raise the sum.

Lord Anthony Grenville is bored. The Viscount Montrose is on his way to London when his coach is overtaken by a highwayman – who turns out to be no man at all! Anthony hasn’t been this intrigued by anything, or anyone, since his return from the war. And when he catches the flame-haired thief breaking into his London house to further pad her coffers, he comes up with a plan to rescue her brother – and resolves to seduce her into his bed.

Their passion is mutual.  To save her brother, Chelsea accepts Anthony’s aid, but she’ll never become his mistress – even if the thought of it fills her veins with liquid fire…

This Blonde’s Review:
This is yet another Carina Press novel I attained from Netgalley lately. One thing I love about Carina Press is I can even read the books on my Palm Pre, which I can’t do with most ebooks.

Chelsea’s brother has been kidnapped. Since she’s a strong woman she doesn’t just faint and cry for help, she steps up and does what she has to in order to free him. She asks a neighbor for help, only to turn down his terms. She decides to borrow from a family servant’s past and become a highwayman, temporarily of course. Her first encounter is with Anthony, Viscount Montrose. He is intrigued by this woman masquerading as a man. When Chelsea learns of a trap for the highwayman she decides to turn to robbery, since London is big enough that they won’t notice a few extra thieves. Chelsea decides to rob Anthony’s home, since she was also interested in him. Her luck appears to run out when she is caught. Luckily for her, Anthony is more interested in Her than in Justice.

Anthony sets out to convince her to be his lover, assuming that a woman in the situations he has found her in will be no virgin. Chelsea is tempted by him but too proud to give in, even when she does lose her head and forget for a moment about her brother’s situation. In some ways this is a classic story with a woman in a hard place and a man misreading her virtue, all the while they try to figure out who the bad guy is. Did I mention that our Anthony is also engaged to be married and was with his fiancée when Chelsea robbed his coach? Of course now we also have him wanting to have both worlds. He wants to keep his ‘appropriate’ bride and also keep the woman he can’t stop thinking about. Now Chelsea has to decide if she’ll give in and sleep with him or hold on to her pride and virtue.

I did like the way the author brought all of the central characters together, and rather than having to expected declarations leaves the situation to stew a little. Afterall, romantic declarations are fabulous, but too many are made in the heat of the moment as if the characters have no choice. I like it much better when they Do have to do some self reflection and make the choice. I enjoyed Chelsea’s strength and bravery, and I was glad the author let her get into scrapes that she was unable to get through on her own, teaching her to rely on others instead of barging ahead. Anthony is charming of course, and we have to see if he’ll learn that life won’t always be what he wants it to be, even though he Is a Viscount.

This story was an easy read with the couple having to make the hard decisions about what they want from each other and what they are willing to give up. All while racing the clock to save a loved one and keep others in the dark. If that sounds like a story you’ll enjoy then don’t hesitate to download this ebook today. Now I think I’m going to see about another of Hope Tarr‘s stories that caught my eye today as well.


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