Return to Paradise – Simone Elkeles

17 Sep

Return to Paradise
By Simone Elkeles
Available Now

Maggie and Caleb just went through the worst year of their lives. Hit by a car and starting life over with a limp, Maggie never thought she would forgive Caleb. But she did-and fell in love. What they shared was real. But Caleb wanted to be free from the past-and a terrible secret: he wasn’t the one who hit Maggie. So he left Paradise-and Maggie-forever.

When Maggie and Caleb run into each other in a different town, they can’t deny their true feelings. Will Maggie let Caleb get away again? Or will Caleb face the truth and return to Paradise?

This Blonde’s Review:
This book is the sequel to Leaving Paradise, which I loved. I enjoyed seeing what happens when Caleb returns to Maggie’s life. What he doesn’t know is that Maggie knows he wasn’t the one who hit her. She has trouble forgiving the way he abandoned her, while he believes it is over being hit. They wind up in the same group of teens traveling to talk of the perils of drunk driving. They clash over everything and cause so much tension within the group, and they give a better view of both sides of the story than anyone expected when they booked the group.

In some ways I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one. I suppose I expected more of it. I did still enjoy this and was glad to read more of Maggie and Caleb’s story. I was glad to see the way the characters broke down and the way they grew. The way the author brought them together was a wonderful idea in my opinion. It forced the characters to face the past and the future in ways that just having Caleb show back up in Paradise couldn’t ave.

If you read Leaving Paradise and enjoyed getting to know Maggie and Caleb you won’t want to miss this sequel. If you haven’t read the first book be sure to pick it up first. It’s a great story about what happens when lives change in an instant and how it affects everyone around them, plus the second story is much better if you already love the characters.

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