Meanicures – Catherine Clark

05 Jul

By Catherine Clark
Available October 2010

Madison and her best friends can’t get over just how incredibly mean the mean girls at school can be, whether it’s sabotaging the morning announcements or making them look stupid in front of some boy (whom, it must be pointed out, Madison doesn’t even like!). What’s worse – they were once all friends. But after a desperate bid to put their former friendships away once and for all, something very strange happens. Suddenly, it’s Madison and her BFFs who are the mean girls, and their enemies are running scared.

This Blonde’s Review:
I thought this book sounded really interesting from the description. Madison and her friends are tortured by their Ex-friends. They don’t know what happened to make them Not be friends anymore. Conveniently each girl was friends with one of the mean girls. Madison does something out of the ordinary and then comes up with a way to switch it all around. I won’t give away what they do to make this happen. Thankfully Madison and her friends don’t allow the changes to be permanent. They come up with a great way to try to fix things with their ‘meanicures.’ It doesn’t quite work the way they thought it would. I didn’t care for the way this book ended, I think the mean girls could have learned a little more at the end of this book.

Overall I liked this book, even with an ending I didn’t love.  It’s a relatively short book at less than 200 pages, so this is a good book to stick in your purse for when you’re waiting around somewhere. If you want a cute YA book about friends that is short and light, you will enjoy this one.


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